Terra Sole in Ridgefield offers fresh takes on traditional favorites.

Pietro Polini left Italy some 15 years ago, but the culinary influence of his homeland has not gone away. Polini opened Terra Sole in 2007 and has been re-imagining it along the way.A specialty at this farmhouse-style eatery is the fresh-made pastas such as tagliatelle, gnocchetti, cavatelli, and strigoloni. Cavatelli con Salsiccia—cavatelli infused with broccoli rabe, sausage, and tomato sauce—is a standout. Also try the yellow and green fettuccine with braised meats. Pappardelloni con Astice e Gamberoni is a pappaerdelloni pasta sautéed with Maine lobster, prawns, asparagus, and zucchini. And finally, Grigliata di pesce: grilled seafood platter—branzino, Maya prawns, calamari, salmon, and lobster—with lemon and local vegetables. Terra Sole has a great outdoor seating option and offers a large, mostly Italian wine list with 200 labels by the bottle and 20 by the glass. Seasonal ’cello is also a staple with flavors such as limon­cello, meloncello, and espresso chocolate-cello.Terra Sole’s kitchen is led by chef Eugene Jerome, formerly of Siena Ristorante in Stamford, who continuously updates and rewrites the menu.

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